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There is no charge for receiving e-Faxes and the registration of a new e-Fax number is Free!
Subscription and sending charges apply for e-Fax sending (sending faxes directly from your e-mail to fax numbers)

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Terms and Conditions

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Charges will be billed to your account on a monthly basis. The charges vary and is calculated according to the number the fax was sent to.

For example: International and 086 .. numbers are more expensive to fax, although city numbers, such as 012, 011, 031, 051 and 021 are normally cheaper. You may request a rate-table from ITcontact by which the fax-sending charges are calculated.

To send a fax (locally) to one of the POP number (012, 011, 031, 051, or 021) costs more or less the same as sending a fax from a standard fax-machine.

If you did not send any faxes in a 3 month period, or the total-charge is below R50-00 for the period of 3 months, it is possible that the charges will only be billed in a 6 month cycle. This does not mean that small charges will be omitted or credited. These charges will still be due by you.

When you accept the Terms and Conditions, you agree to pay all charges accrued on the fax-number allocated to your e-mail address;

The number of pages you fax (time in minutes), and the "number" you fax to, will determine the final charge for the fax being send.

If someone used your fax number without your permission, you will still be liable for the charges accrued on your fax-number.

It could happen that the receiving fax-machine is faulty and that the line is kept open (the call is not dropped). Unfortunately we have no control over the receiving fax machine or servers commissioned to the sending of faxes. Thus, you will be billed for the entire time the line is connected. It could in very rare cases result in the line being opened for hours and a significant charge being accumulated for a single fax being send.

All 086 e-fax numbers are using the same system and we are not in control of the technical operations.

Although you may be not in a position to tell whether a fax-line was dropped, after sending a fax, unfortunately any costs billed against the number allocated to you, will be due by you.

* If you do not fully agree with the terms and conditions, please e-mail us at