Website and Server Hosting Data Centres

A Data Centre is, by definition, a facility used to house computer systems and associated network and other components.

As a web hosting business, ITcontact uses a number of Data Centres around South Africa and in Europe which house shared and dedicated servers used to host your website(s) as well as the various components which ensure these servers run smoothly.

What can be hosted at our Data Centres?

ITcontact provides a number of solutions for your hosting requirements.


Data Centres

ITcontact uses four SA based and one Europe based Data Centre(s) for hosting solutions:

The Europe Data Centre hosts servers and websites for those clients who wish to target European and US based markets or wish to make use of more cost effective hosting options as bandwidth quotas are more generous in markets outside SA.


Network Connections in SA

ITcontact provides a resilient and redundant network infrastructure which allows for maximum uptime.

Substantial bandwidth capacity allows us to accommodate spikes in traffic, reducing the chance of customers experiencing network degradation.

The cable routers for our hosting solutions are connected via fibre optic cables to MTN Business' backbone from where uncapped access to MTN Business' local and international network.

Aside from the CPT2 Data Centre, the Data Centres are connected to MTN Business via a 100MBit uplink.

CPT is connected via a 1GBit uplink.
A second, redundant fibre optic cable follows a different path.

All of the network connections to MTN Business are protected from router failure by a pair of routers on our providers ends of the links running in active/passive failover mode.