How to use e-Fax

e-Fax (e-mail - fax) offers the following capabilities

Fax to e-Mail:

The number that was allocated to you, is for receiving fax messages straight into your e-mail inbox.

You could give this number to any person and print it on your business card as your personal fax number.

e-Mail to Fax:

To send a fax is as easy as sending an e-mail.

The following two examples will demostrate how easy it is to send and receive faxes from your own e-Fax number.

Should you have any questions, please look at the Frequently Asked Questions part at the end of this page.


A received e-mail in your inbox will be from:

Remember: In your fax viewer program, you could rotate the pages, enlarge the image size and you could flip through multiple pages. You could even re-save the document with a different name unto a flash-drive.
You could also forward the fax-message that you received, to any other e-mail address(es).


The following example shows an easy way to send a fax:

A number of ways to send a fax
- From a MS Word document
- As an attachment in a new e-mail message
- As an attachment in a reply e-mail message
- As a received fax

* When sending from spreadsheet programs, take care to select the correct print range and make the correct sheet selection.

When sending from an e-mail message
1. Go to the "attachments" option, usually INSERT, FILE ATTACHMENT
2. Enter the recipient's fax number in the TO field of the e-mail message
3. NOTE the fax number format: Country Code & Area Code & Fax Number &
4. Example:


Why can't I open the attached TIFF or TIF file?
- In order to open a TIFF image you need to have an image reader installed on your system that could open TIF or TIFF files

What software should I install for e-Fax sending?
- No installation of software is required to use e-Fax for outbound sending. The only requirement is e-mail communication being configured on your workstation, which will enable e-Fax to work.

I can't use e-Fax sending from my workstation, it says that I am "Not Authorised"
However, I can receive faxes on my e-mail without any problems
- Please confirm that 'sending' capabilities were enabled on your account.

A subcription fee is payable for the "sending" capability and it is possible that this feature has not been enabled on your e-Fax account.

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