Domain Registration and Transfers

  • Own your own internet domain name, for example:
  • Have Mailboxes, a website and e-fax hosting setup at your domain name
  • Easy to use web interface for configuration
  • Bundle discounts

Combine all your domain management tasks

ITcontact's Domain Registration service brings all your domain management tasks under one roof. We let you find an unused domain and register it in one easy step. Once you're registered, we provide a web interface that makes it easy to edit your contact information, do the mailbox configuration, setup e-fax numbers, etc. Your new domain could also have sub-domains, such as "" and "" which can point to another URL or IP Address.

Upgrade to Bundle, for example fail-over options and full-strength DNS

The basic registration service will get you started with a single host and a management interface. By choosing a bundle, you could get web redirects and dynamic DNS updates for your hosts. This will enable you to access your home computer for remote access. For example: Monitoring your security cameras when you're away.